Juno (USA 2007)


Jason Reitman


Diablo Cody


Executive Producer:

Joseph Drake, Daniel Dubiecki


Nathan Kahane


Lianne Halfon, John Malkovich,


Mason Novick, Russell Smith




Ellen Page

Juno MacGuff

Michael Cera

Paulie Bleeker

Jason Bateman

Mark Loring

Jennifer Garner

Vanessa Loring

Olivia Thirlby


J.K. Simmons

Mac MacGuff

Allison Janney


Rainn Wilson


Daniel Clark

Steve Rendazo

Valerie Tian

Su Chin Quah

Ashley Whillans



(Complete Cast & Crew)


Ellen Page Online Movie Rating:





92 minutes




US $8,000,000

Filming dates:

14th February - 27th March 2007

Filming locations:

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada / Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


PG-13 for mature thematic material, sexual content and language

World premiere:

1st September 2007 (Telluride Film Festival) / 8th September 2007 (Toronto Film Festival, Canada)

Company / Studio:

Fox Searchlight Pictures, Mandate Pictures, Mr. Mudd, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

Official website:

www.foxsearchlight.com/juno / www.juno-themovie.com / www.foxsearchlight.com/junoverse

IMDb website:


DVD premiere:

19th April 2008 (USA, Region Code 1, Twentieth Century Fox) (click here to see more DVD releases)



English Press Kit

(PDF Document, 333 KB)


German Pressbook

(PDF Document, 3,30 MB)



Meet Juno MacGuff, a confidently frank teenage girl who calls the shots with a nonchalant cool and an effortless attitude as she journeys through an emotional nine-month adventure into adulthood. Quick witted and distinctively unique, Juno walks to her own tune. But underneath her tough, no-nonsense exterior is just a teenage girl trying to figure it all out.
While most girls at Dancing Elk High School are updating their MySpace page or shopping at the mall, Juno is a whip-smart Minnesota teen living by her own rules. A typically boring afternoon becomes anything but when Juno decides to have her first sexual experience with the charmingly unassuming Bleeker.
Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she and best friend Leah hatch a plan to find Juno’s unborn baby the perfect set of parents courtesy of the local Penny Saver. They set their sights on Mark and Vanessa Loring, an affluent suburban couple who are longing to adopt their first child.

Luckily, Juno has the support of her dad and stepmother. After the initial shock that their daughter has been sexually active, the family bands together to help Juno. Dad Mac accompanies Juno to size up the prospective adoptive parents to make sure they are not a couple of “wing nuts” while stepmother Bren provides emotional support as Juno fights the prejudices of underage pregnancy.
While fall becomes winter and winter turns to spring, Juno moves closer and closer to her due date. Juno’s physical changes mirror her personal growth while the veneer of Mark and Vanessa’s idyllic life starts to show signs of cracking. With a fearless intellect far removed from the usual teen angst, Juno conquers her problems head-on, displaying a youthful exuberance both smart and unexpected.

Press Plotline by Fox Searchlight:

Page plays the title character, a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate Bleeker (Cera). With the help of her best friend Leah (Thirlby), Juno finds her unborn child a "perfect" set of parents: an affluent suburban couple, Mark and Vanessa (Bateman and Garner), longing to adopt. Luckily, Juno has the total support of her parents (Simmons and Janney) as she faces some tough decisions, flirts with adulthood and ultimately figures out where she belongs. Rainn Wilson will play a sneering yet sympathetic drug store clerk.


  • Runner-up Award (Audience Award, Toronto Film Festival, September 2007)
  • Audience Award (Out of Competition Section, Austin Film Festival, October 2007)
  • Hollywood Breakthrough Award (Ellen Page, Hollywood Awards, October 2007)
  • Hollywood Breakthrough Screenwriter of the Year Award (Diablo Cody, Hollywood Awards, October 2007)
  • Best Film Award (2nd Rome Film Festival, October 2007)
  • Audience Choice Awards - Best Feature (St. Louis International Film Festival, November 2007)
  • Audience Award (Jason Reitman, 19th Stockholm International Film Festival, 30th November 2007)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody, Chicago Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Most promosing performer (Michael Cera, Chicago Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Actress (Ellen Page, Chicago Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • One of year's top 10 (African-American Critics Award, December 2007)
  • One of year's top 10 (Best Picture, Southeastern Film Critics Association Award, December 2007)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody, Southeastern Film Critics Association Award, December 2007)
  • Best Actress (Ellen Page, Las Vegas Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody, Las Vegas Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Top Ten Films for 2007 (Las Vegas Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Motion picture, comedy or musical (Satellite Award, December 2007)
  • Best Actress in a motion picture, comedy or musical (Ellen Page, Satellite Award, December 2007)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody, Satellite Award, December 2007)
  • Best Actress (Ellen Page, Austin Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Allison Janney, Austin Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody, Austin Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Actress - Runner-up (Ellen Page, San Diego Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody, San Diego Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Runners-up (Phoenix Film Critics Society Award, December 2007)
  • Breakthrough on Camera (Ellen Page, Phoenix Film Critics Society Award, December 2007)
  • Screenplay written directly for the screen (Diablo Cody, Phoenix Film Critics Society Award, December 2007)
  • Runners-up (St. Louis Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Actress (Ellen Page, St. Louis Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Screenplay (Diablo Cody, St. Louis Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Comedy (Jason Reitman, St. Louis Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Runners-up (Utah Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Actress (Ellen Page, Utah Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Best Screenplay - Runner-up (Diablo Cody, Utah Film Critics Award, December 2007)
  • Special Prize of the Young Jury (Jason Reitman, 45th Gijón International Film Festival, 1st December 2007)
  • Best Screenplay (Diablo Cody, 12th Florida Critics Award, 21st December 2007)
  • Best Actress (Ellen Page, 12th Florida Film Critics Circle Awards, 21st December 2007)
  • Pauline Kael Breakout Award (Ellen Page, 12th Florida Film Critics Circle Awards, 21st December 2007)
  • Best Screenplay (Diablo Cody,  14th Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards, 17th December 2007)
  • Best Screenplay, Original (Diablo Cody, Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards, 17th December 2007)
  • Aicn’s Best Actress (Ellen Page, 1st Annual Aint it Cool Award, 27th December 2007)
  • Chairman's Vanguard Award (19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, 5th January 2008)
  • Best Comedy Movie (13th Annual Critic's Choice Awards, 7th January 2008)
  • Best Writer (Diablo Cody, 13th Annual Critic's Choice Awards, 7th January 2008)
  • Best Screenplay (Diablo Cody, 11th Annual Online Film Critics Society Awards, 8th January 2008)
  • Best Screenplay, Original (Diablo Cody, KCFCC Award, Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards, 12th January 2008)
  • Best Screenplay - Original (Diablo Cody, COFCA Award, 2008 Central Ohio Film Critics Association)
  • Best Actress (Ellen Page, COFCA Award, 2008 Central Ohio Film Critics Association)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody, Orange British Academy Film Awards, 10th February 2008)
  • Best Feature (Juno, Film Independent's Spirit Awards, 23rd February 2008)
  • Best Female (Ellen Page, Film Independent's Spirit Awards, 23rd February 2008)
  • Best First Screenplay (Diablo Cody, Film Independent's Spirit Awards, 23rd February 2008)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody, 80th Academy Awards, 24th February 2008)
  • Feature Films (Christopher Award, Christopher Awards, 10th April 2008)
  • Best Female (Ellen Page, 2008 MTV Movie Awards, 1st June 2008)
  • Choice Movie Comedy (Juno, 2008 Teen Choice Awards, 3rd August 2008)
  • Choice Movie Actress Comedy (Ellen Page, 2008 Teen Choice Awards, 3rd August 2008)
  • Choice Movie Breakout Female (Ellen Page, 2008 Teen Choice Awards, 3rd August 2008)
  • Best Comedy (Juno, 2nd National Movie Awards, 8th September 2008)
  • Pretty Funny Film Directing (Jason Reitman, 2008 Canadian Comedy Awards, 3rd October 2008)
  • Pretty Funny Female Actress of the Year (Ellen Page, 2008 Canadian Comedy Awards, 3rd October 2008)
  • Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture Television Or Other Visual Media
    (Juno, 51th Annual Grammy Awards, 8th February 2009)


  • The first film released by Fox Searchlight Pictures to gross the $100 million mark at the box office.
  • The original title of the film was going to be Junebug, but was changed so it would not be confused with the 2005 Amy Adams film of the same name.
  • It was the highest-grossing film of all five Best Picture Oscar nominees (2008).
  • Juno was the Roman Goddess of childbirth and marriage.
  • Everyone cast in the film was a first choice for their respective roles.
  • Ellen Page suggested that her character Juno would be a fan of the music by Kimya Dawson and The Moldy Peaches.
  • Ellen Page came up with Juno's hairstyle of the ponytail with long bangs on the sides of her face and did her own hair every day.
  • The hamburger phone in the movie is owned by the writer, Diablo Cody.
  • The hamburger phone also turns up in Bleeker's room, and can be seen clearly in the background.
  • When searching for potential parents for her baby, Juno says she's looking for someone cool "like a graphic designer." In real life, both "Juno" star Ellen Page's father and Diablo Cody's ex-husband are graphic designers.
  • At one point before Juno visits Mark, he is sitting at his computer reading Diablo Cody's (the movie's screenwriter) real-life blog, known as "The Pussy Ranch."
  • The animated opening title sequence was created by a company called Shadowplay and the shots of Ellen Page walking were achieved by having her walk on a treadmill which was later removed.
  • The tic-tacs that fall out of Paulie's mailbox were a special effect achieved by hooking a pump to the opposite side of the box just off-screen.
  • Michael Cera discovered that he could not successfully take a mouthful of tic-tacs and then say his lines. So he simply put the box up to his mouth but didn't ingest any of the candy.
  • Shot in 31 days.
  • The comic book "Most Fruitful Yuki" is not real. It was dreamed up by screenwriter Diablo Cody.
  • Juno's handwritten message in Bleeker's yearbook was actually written by Diablo Cody.
  • All of the phone numbers begin with 55501 (which are the only numbers now reserved for movie/TV use) except for the number Juno dials early in the movie, which begins with 5555.
  • For the scene in the mall where Vanessa feels the baby kick, Jennifer Garner shot it at 8 in the morning after shooting all night.
  • In a deleted scene featured on the DVD, Juno and Leah run into Mark at a video store. Director Jason Reitman's previous film Thank You for Smoking can be seen on the shelf in the background.
  • The scene where Juno pulls the van over and cries on the side of the road was added after filming had already been completed and Ellen Page had gotten a hair cut. She is wearing a fake ponytail and her long bangs were trimmed into more of a face-frame cut that is visible in the shot.
  • It was challenging to show all four seasons within a 30-day filming schedule. Solutions included digitally darkening spring cherry blossoms to look like summer flowers and having crew members off camera throw falling silk leaves for autumn. There was a fluke snowstorm (unusual for March in Vancouver) and three different shots were coordinated that day before the snow could melt. Since fake snow can be expensive to put in a shot, this saved the film considerable money for the winter scenes.
  • The soundtrack has been certified Platinum on March 11, 2009 with sales of more than 1,000,000 copies
  • The film won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and earned three other Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Ellen Page.
  • Even when she’s bad, she’s very, very good: one day on the set, Ellen Page was in the throes of a seemingly uncontrollable laughing fit when she looked up at the ceiling for a nanosecond and then launched into a monologue that made the film’s final cut.


  • “First and foremost, it was an incredible screenplay written by Diablo Cody — one of the best screenplays I’ve ever read — and a teenage female lead that I felt we’d never seen before, a character devoid of stereotype, a screenplay devoid of stereotype. [Juno is] extremely unique and witty and all of those things, and most importantly she’s just extremely genuine and honest and speaks her mind.” [...] “One of the reasons that drew me to [Juno] was, I don’t think we’ve really seen a girl like this before. I can’t think of that many films that have honest, whole, complex young women. I mean, it’s like Ghost World, and then I kind of stop.” (Ellen Page on the screenplay and her character; Source: buzzsugar.com)
  • “There were a couple specific things from my life that Jason thought were really funny, but they’re not in the movie. One is — it’s kind of embarrassing — but my friends and I, we used to . . . this is gonna sound like we’re hicks, and we’re not. But there was a pickup truck, and we’d go in the back of the pickup truck, and we’d go down the street and you’d yell at someone, “You dropped something!” and they’d look, and you’d yell at them, “No you didn’t!” and then drive off. For some reason Jason Reitman thought that was really funny and we shot a scene where Leah and I do that, but it didn’t make the movie. Maybe it’ll be on the DVD.” (Ellen Page on a funny deleted scene; Source: buzzsugar.com)
  • “[Director] Jason Reitman asked me the second or third time we met what I thought Juno would listen to, and I said the Moldy Peaches, and he said, ‘Who are they?’ So I went on his computer and played him the Moldy Peaches, and he fell in love. The next thing I knew, this song ["Anyone Else But You"] was at the end of the film, and he’d contacted Kimya Dawson and her music was going to be in the film. . . . I feel like the Moldy Peaches just match this film perfectly. Their songs are very funny and very unique and witty and there’s almost a tinge of novelty to it, but they also have tremendous heart and are just gorgeous, beautiful songs that always tear my heart to pieces — a very specific tone that I feel is similar to the film.” (Ellen Page on the music and songs used in the movie; Source: buzzsugar.com)
  • “He’s amazing. He’s such a sweetheart and a really stunning human being, and so talented, and super subtle and super honest in every moment. It’s a huge gift because he’ll be a legend. I feel like as much as Juno’s a really amazing young female character, so is the character for Paulie Bleeker. I’m a girl, so I like to talk about how we don’t get enough. But guys aren’t necessarily treated well by popular media, either — just a bit better than women. But here’s a role for young men that I think is great — like a lot of guys I knew in high school.” (Ellen Page on working with Michael Cera; Source: buzzsugar.com)
  • “I love Jennifer Garner in this movie and one of her lines is, I think, one of my favourite lines in the entire film. It was actually improvised. It was: “I’m sorry to interrupt the jam session…” For some reason I found that incredibly hilarious and I remember shooting the scene with her once and I think I was just tired and at my wit’s end… I think it’s going to be put on the DVD as an outtake or something. But she just said something that for some reason I found so funny that I started laughing uncontrollably and I couldn’t keep it together. For some reason, Jason Reitman decided to roll [the camera].” (Ellen Page on working with Jennifer Garner and her favourite line; Source: indielondon.co.uk)
  • “I was very specific, I was like, ‘This girl’s wearing a sweater-vest!’ I knew how I wanted her to look. I wanted her to wear a sweater-vest, or wear baggy pants or wear a flannel shirt and be unapologetic for it. Like, that’s okay, that doesn’t mean anything, you know what I’m saying? People get judged for the way they dress, especially in junior high or high school, and it’s, like, really childish.” (Ellen Page on her ideas for Juno; Source: www.blockbuster.co.uk)
  • “One of the most exhilarating things about the movie is that, even though it’s a dark comedy, it’s also delicate. It would have been easy to force it and make it annoying and contrived. But luckily I was working with Jason Reitman, who I think is incredible at creating tones, and he created an excellent balance, and just guided me through it.” (Ellen Page on working with director Jason Reitman; Source: www.blockbuster.co.uk)
  • “I was sent the script a couple of years ago and fell head over heels, obsessively in love with the character. It was one of those scripts where I felt, ‘I need to play this person!’ It was just one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. I love the witty, intelligent dialogue, and I was so thrilled that a character had been written like this for a teenage girl. She’s unique, honest, sincere, but unapologetic, and unbelievably refreshing. And completely necessary for today.” (Ellen Page on the screenplay and story of the movie; Source: www.blockbuster.co.uk)
  • “When you have great actors you want to get in there and let their faces tell the story. Ellen in particular does unbelievable, subtle little things with her face. I can give her 120 notes on each take and she hits all of them perfectly. A lot of actors are good mimics, or they are method actors and do a lot of research, or they are naturally very charming. What’s different about Ellen is that she knows what Juno would do, say or feel at any given moment, and she can turn it on and off like a light switch. It’s incredible to watch.” (director Jason Reitman on working with Ellen Page; Source: moviesonline.ca)
  • “What is happening? This is for the writers, and I want to thank all the writers. I especially want to thank my fellow nominees because I worship you guys and I'm learning from you every day, so thank you very much. I want to thank the Academy, I want to thank Fox Searchlight, Mr. Mudd, Mandate, Dan Dubiecki. I want to thank our incredible cast including the superhuman Ellen Page. I want to thank Jason Reitman, who I consider a member of my family, and I'm in awe of his talent as a filmmaker. I want to thank Sarah Self. I want to thank Mason Novick who knew I could do this before I did. And most of all, I want to thank my family for loving me exactly the way I am." (Oscar acceptance speech by Diablo Cody)

Release Dates:



Festival / Event / Location / Comment



10th October 2007

Austin Film Festival



26th October 2007




29th Oct-20th Dec 2007

Promotional Screenings



29th Oct-20th Dec 2007

Promotional Screenings


United Kingdom

30th October 2007

London Film Festival



1st-11th November 2007

AFI International Film Festival



10th November 2007

Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Starz Denver Festival



14th November 2007

St. Louis International Film Festival, Tivoli Theatre



16th November 2007

Stockholm International Film Festival



18th November 2007

Oslo International Film Festival



20th November 2007

Thessaloniki Int. Film Festival



25th November 2007

Gijón International Film Festival



4th December 2007

Westwood, California



5th December 2007

Limited release



6th-13th December 2007

Bahamas International Film Festival, Nassau



14th December 2007

Landmark Theatres, Chicago



25th December 2007




25th December 2007



United Kingdom

15th January 2008




17th January 2008




22nd January 2008




23rd January 2008

International Film Festival Rotterdam



24th January 2008




25th January 2008




1st February 2008




1st February 2008




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7th February 2008




7th February 2008




8th February 2008




8th February 2008



United Kingdom

8th February 2008




13th February 2008




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14th February 2008




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21st February 2008




21st February 2008



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21st February 2008




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11th April 2008

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15th April 2008

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30th May 2008



United Kingdom

9th June 2008

DVD release



14th June 2008




20th September 2008

Buster-Copenhagen Int. Film Festival


Czech Republic

16th October 2008




14th November 2008




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28th November 2008

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