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Headline Date
Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson maintain nearly two hours of tension 07/30/2015
If There Have to Be Sequels, Why Can't They Make One For... 'Hard Candy' 07/05/2013
37 Things Learned From the ‘Hard Candy’ Commentary 01/27/2012
Kristen Stewart stressed during Twilight Eclipse shoot: 'There were tears' 12/03/2010
'Twilight' should have ended my career, says 'Eclipse' director 12/02/2010
Film Intuition - Blu-ray Review: Hard Candy (2005) 10/19/2010
DVD Town - Hard Candy - Blu-ray Review 10/13/2010
DVD Talk Review - Hard Candy (Blu-ray) 09/30/2010
Movie Web Review - Hard Candy 07/22/2010
October 5th Becomes National Horror Blu-ray Day 07/19/2010
Hard Candy at the Flint Institute of Arts 03/24/2010
Moviesonline.ca - Top 10 Truly Disturbing Films 03/22/2010
Top 7 Sloppy Surgery Movie Moments 03/19/2010
The Busybody Review - Hard Candy 02/01/2010
Paging Polanski 10/16/2009
Top 10 Menacing Film Characters 08/14/2009
TC Candler - The 100 greatest movie posters 09/19/2008
Horror Theater Video Review - Hard Candy 09/11/2008
Total Film Movie Review - Hard Candy 07/24/2008
Film Freak Central DVD Review - Hard Candy 02/05/2008
Pick Of The Flicks Movie Review - Hard Candy 02/01/2008
Hard Candy - A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down 01/17/2008
DVD Outsider Review - Hard Candy 01/17/2008
The worst Netflix decision of my life (so far): 'Hard Candy' 11/28/2007
FilmCritic.com DVD Review - Hard Candy 10/27/2007
"Modern-Day Hitchcock" David Slade 10/15/2007
Metromix Chicago Movie Review - Hard Candy 08/31/2007
Gummi Popcorn.com Movie Review - Hard Candy 08/18/2007
Independent Critics Review - Hard Candy 08/02/2007
Varia Gate Review - Hard Candy 04/06/2007
SXSW Interview - Hard Candy Filmmakers 03/27/2007
Daily Film Dose Review - Hard Candy 03/23/2007
The E Administrator - Hard Candy - A review 03/21/2007
SXSW Review - Hard Candy 03/18/2007
The Lumière Reader Review - Hard Candy 02/25/2007
Cinepinion Review - Hard Candy 01/17/2007
ClassicHorror.com Review - Hard Candy 12/12/2006
Reel DVD Review - Hard Candy 10/27/2006
BBC DVD Review - Hard Candy 10/27/2006
KQEK DVD Review - Hard Candy 10/24/2006
The Numbers News - DVD Review - Hard Candy 10/13/2006
Film School Rejects Review - Hard Candy 10/03/2006
Dreamlogic.net Review - Hard Candy 09/25/2006
DVD Verdict Review - Hard Candy 09/25/2006
Beyond Hollywood Movie Review - Hard Candy 09/24/2006
Hard Candy takes the road less traveled 09/23/2006
Draven99's Musings DVD Review - Hard Candy 09/21/2006
FilmStew.com Review - Hard Candy 09/19/2006
Bullz Eye Movie Review - Hard Candy 09/19/2006
Jackass Critics Review - Hard Candy 09/19/2006
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