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Headline Date
Ebert celebrates Juno - "Best movie of the year!" 12/16/2007
Many laughs in spite of it all 12/14/2007
Ellen Page and Michael Cera Discuss Juno 12/14/2007
Humor and humanity 12/14/2007
Review - Wisecracking teen gets pregnant in Juno 12/14/2007
Ellen Page Is Ready to Talk About the Nuts for Once 12/14/2007
Juno's consequences 12/14/2007
Juno + Ellen Page + Kimya Dawson = awesome soundtrack 12/14/2007
Juno - A star is born 12/14/2007
Juno - Expect depth, wit 12/14/2007
The movie has labour pains, but Ellen Page delivers 12/14/2007
Juno Cast, Director Credit Diablo Cody's Screenplay For Flick's Early Buzz 12/13/2007
Another look at Juno 12/13/2007
Pregnant with meaning? 12/13/2007
Straight Arrow Publishers Review - Juno 12/13/2007
Juno - Not just a city in Alaska 12/13/2007
Juno breathes fresh life into teen dramedy genre 12/13/2007
Q&A: 'Juno' Stars Ellen Page and Jason Bateman 12/12/2007
Rite of Passage 12/12/2007
Interview - Diablo Cody and Ellen Page of "Juno" 12/12/2007
A star is born of Juno 12/11/2007
Juno has 6 nominations for Critics Choice Awards 12/11/2007
Knocked up 12/11/2007
Juno star is ready for the next step 12/08/2007
Halifax’s Page shines as pregnant teen in clever charmer Juno 12/07/2007
Juno - No False Notes 12/07/2007
Interview - Part Two - Why Hollywood’s Addicted to ‘Juno’ Scribe Diablo Cody, Star Ellen Page 12/07/2007
Reitman follows heart to quirky 'Juno' 12/07/2007
Ellen Page shines as pregnant teen in the clever comic charmer Juno 12/07/2007
Juno shows plenty of life and humor 12/07/2007
Ellen Page is a teen who aces the pregnancy test in Juno 12/07/2007
National Board film faves 12/06/2007
Ellen Page on Juno - The RT Interview 12/06/2007
The delivery of Juno 12/06/2007
Oh, Baby 12/05/2007
Dollymix's review of Fox Searchlight's film Juno, starring Ellen Page & written by Diablo Cody 12/05/2007
Smartypants gets preggo 12/05/2007
The Problem Child 12/05/2007
Hollywood's got a case of baby fever 12/05/2007
News Blaze Review - Juno - It's Dynamite! 12/05/2007
Calendar Live Review - Juno 12/05/2007
Salon Review - Juno 12/05/2007
Juno Comes of Age With Unusual Charm 12/05/2007
Superpregnant 12/05/2007
Seeking Mr. and Mrs. Right for a Baby on the Way 12/05/2007
Juno's Ellen Page & Michael Cera 12/05/2007
'Juno' will be indie classic 12/05/2007
Flipside Review - Juno 12/05/2007
Common Sense Media Review - Juno 12/05/2007
Little Viking 12/05/2007
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